Frequenty Asked Questions

How do I purchase SMS TEXT Credits?

After you become a paid member, login to your back-office and click the link to purchase credits.

How do I purchase minutes and create campaigns?

After you become a paid member, login and click the Campaign link

Do I still need an 800link phone number?

Yes. We automatically forward all calls from the SMS number we give you to your 800link number so your leads can listen to your sizzle call and leave their information.

Is it hard to set up the system ?

It is very easy. We have an "ALL-Inclusive" system where we do it for you. You give us the lead list and your audio message and we set it all up and deliver your messages for you! GoRinglessSMS is web-based no software to download

How much does it cost per ringless voicemail message?

As low as 2.52 cents per completed message. You are not charged for undelivered voice mail messages.

How do contact technical support?

Who do I contact for general questions or sales?

Are there training videos?

Yes. There are detailed training videos in your back office.

Do you have any monthly charges?


Are program updates free?

Yes. When we have updates they are available at no additional charge.

Is GoRingless Extreme voice mailing legal?

GoRingless Extreme technology is 100% FCC compliant. No phone call is ever made. The technology is called Enhanced Information Service. The carrier places a message right into your prospect's voice mailbox which is delivered to their cell phone.

I need a powerful and personalized audio message for the ringless messages, do you provide those?

Yes. We provide a pre-recorded example GoRingless SMS message. If you would like a personalized audio message you can purchase a message for a small one-time fee in your back office Campaigns page.

Does my caller ID show up when I use ringless voicemail ?

Yes, your GRS phone number we provide you will show up.

How much do you charge for SMS Texts Credits?

1000 Credits

1500 Credits
2000 Credits
5000 Credits
10000 Credits

What if someone calls my assigned SMS phone number? Does it use any SMS credits?

Yes. One SMS credit is used if you have your SMS number forwarded to your 800link sizzle call or forwarded to any other phone number.


How do I reach support for my campaigns? Is there a phone number and real person to talk to?

You may send an email to You may also call us at (660) 252-0368. If your customer service specialists is busy with another customer, please leave a voicemail. They will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I directly access my RVM account?

IMPORTANT! (This is for those that choose to control their RVM campaign themselves.) If you have us do it for you, these instructions DO NOT APPLY

Simply email tell them that you want to control your own RVM campaigns. They will send you instructions and login information. If you want us to send out your RVM's for you all you do is login to your GoRinglessSMS account then click Campaigns and fill out the the campaigns form.

How do I  know when my campaign has actually launched?

Log into your account ten minutes after your campaign should have launched. From the toolbar, click on "stats and reporting". For a campaign that is currently running, click on RVM statistics. The next screen will show you the status of the campaign. If the campaign has stopped because you have run out of eligible time zones, there are no more leads in your list, or for other reasons, that information will also be here.

How do I track my campaigns?

Follow the same steps in the FAQ immediately preceding this one. However, instead of clicking on RVM Statistics, click on RVM statistics (historical). Look for "time period" toward the top right of the screen. Next to that, you will see a down arrow. Click that arrow to pick the period of time for which you want to check campaigns that have already run. If you have a customized range of days you want to look at, choose Select Range, then put in the first day and the last day that define your time range. Then click Get. Then double-click the campaign you want to examine. The new screen that appears will show the total number of attempts to leave a message as well as the total number of successful deliveries.

Is there a limit to the length of time that my voice messages should be? What is that limit if any?

Sixty seconds maximum.

Do my messages get placed to VOIP numbers such as Google Phone? If yes, is that legal?

Our RVM platform are now able to deliver messages to compatible land lines, so we donít scrub them now, unless specifically asked to do so. A compatible land line is a hard wired phone that uses voicemail service provided by the carrier and not an answering machine. This does not include VOIP services like Skype, Vonage, Google Voice, etc. Itís a good thing, because less numbers (leads) are discarded.

Will I receive any notification once my campaign has started?

No. As stated in a previous FAQ, you may login to your account to see if your campaign has started at the time you requested. If it has not started, please contact our office immediately.

How much do I have to pay to have a professional record my message?

$15 if you use our standard script, and $30 if you want to use a script that you wrote yourself.

How long does it take from the time I submit my information for my campaign to actually launch?

Once we have all the necessary information, it takes a maximum of 24 business hours for a campaign to launch.

When I upload my phone file is it okay to have names and email addresses included in the file?

No. You should only upload phone numbers. If you're having trouble with this, you can email your entire file to us and let us upload the phone numbers for you.

Does RVM/GoRinglessSMS scrub my phone list against any of the local or National Do Not Call Registries?

The system default setting is to not scrub against the national or any state DNC registries. Since you are not dialing a number, conducting a call over a landline or cellular network, and not causing a phone to ring, it is not necessary to scrub against DNC registries. However, if you want us to change the settings for your account to scrub against them, just let us know.

Let say I upload a phone file of 10,000 numbers but tell you that I only want to call 500 leads per day, how do you keep track of what numbers from my list were actually called?

The system automatically keeps track of the numbers for which it delivered ringless voicemail's. It automatically deletes those numbers from your list so that they cannot accidentally be dialed again. There will be numbers for which an RVM cannot be successfully delivered on the first day you dial it. We will set the system to keep trying those numbers. This does not cost you anything, because you only pay for successfully delivered RVMs.

If someone I leave a message to (on their cell phone) asks me to remove their number from my list, do I have to? If yes, what is the procedure for doing so?

Email the phone number to so that we may add it to your own personal DNC list.

Where do I purchase the RVM credits?

Log in to your go ringless back office and click on "campaigns". Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the links for purchasing the RVM credits.

Can I resell the RVM minutes to my customers for a profit?


Can I use this to sell my main program or just Goringless SMS?

You may use this RVM technology to promote any program you wish. That's why it was created.

How much will cost to run a campaign?

The cost is not measured in campaigns but rather in the number of successful RVM deliveries. We have six different prices for this that fluctuate with the size of your order.

For example, it cost $99.95 to purchase 3,245 successfully delivered RVMs. We can normally deliver RVMs to about 70% of the numbers that are dialed. If you send us a list of 7,700 numbers, chances are that about 60% of them (4620) are cell phones. If we are able to successfully deliver RVMs to 70% of them that would be about 3234 successfully delivered RVMs. That is just 13 less than the amount you can purchase for $99.95.

Is there a monthly fee?


What is the average response I can expect after I've done a campaign?

That depends on your leads, your message and what your primary business is that you're selling. We have seen a 70% better response using RVM because the prospect can listen to your message at their leisure and even save that message and listen to it at a later time when their ready to act on your message by going to your website/capture page, calling your 800Link sizzle call or simply emailing you back for more information.

Will the system ever make a cell phone ring?

Occasionally, the mobile networks voicemail server will misinterpret the attempted delivery of an RVM as an actual call. That misinterpretation will cause the cell phone to ring once or twice. If the phone is answered, no message will be played, because our system did not call the phone.

What are some of the reasons why an RVM cannot be successfully delivered to a cell phone number?

The voice mailbox for that cell phone account is full

The voicemail account has not been set up

The phone number is not a currently valid phone number

The ringless voicemail "bounces" off the voicemail server of the mobile carrier. When this happens, we attempt to send the RVM again using a different type of signal. If it bounces a second time, we make another attempt using another type of signal. If none of those attempts are successful, then we would try that number again on a different day.